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J. Grabowski and B. Engelking found guilty

Jan Grabowski and Barbara Engelking have to apologize living member of Edward Malinowski family (Ms. Leszczyska). Judge had no doubts – the are guilty of calumniating and making a false acusation. In their book they claimed that E. Malinowski colaborated with Nazi Germany – helping Germans finding and killing Jews. In fact E. Malinowski is one of thousands of brave Polish people, who resisted German terror and risked their lives to rescue Jews. He kept helping and hiding Jewish refugees during entire German occupation of Poland. 

Press conference on the Leszczynska vs Grabowski and Engelking case. Press conference by attorney Monika Brzozowska Pasieka and attorney Jerzy Pasieka on the case of Filomena Leszczyńska’s lawsuit against J. Grabowski and B. Engelking. New facts about the case and historical sources will be presented. The conference is simultaneously translated into English.


source: RDI